Berkeley Lab

iMatTOUGH: An Open-source Matlab-based Graphical User Interface for Pre- and Post-Processing of TOUGH2 and iTOUGH2 Models

Workflow of the iMatTOUGH for pre- and post-processing TOUGH2 and iTOUGH2 models

Scientific Achievement

TOUGH2 and iTOUGH2 are powerful models that simulate the heat and fluid flows in porous and fracture media, and perform parameter estimation. An open source Matlab-based tool is developed to support the generation of all necessary inputs and to visualize the model outputs

Significance and Impact

This study provides an GUI for TOUGH2 and iTOUGH2 models, which supports users to better process and visualize their model input and output.

Research Details
  • Developed GUI for both TOUGH2 and iTOUGH
  • Supports the generation of rectangular computational mesh
  • Allows the specification of initial and time-dependent boundary conditions

Tran, A. P.; Dafflon, B.; Hubbard, S. S. (2016), iMatTOUGH: An open-source Matlab-based graphical user interface for pre- and post-processing of TOUGH2 and iTOUGH2 models, Computers & Geosciences, 89, 132-143, DOI: 10.1016/j.cageo.2016.02.006.