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Below are some training and safety resources relevant to working at East River. Please remember, Collaborators should—and LBNL employees must—familiarize themselves with the hazards of working at East River as documented in LBNL’s Work Planning and Controls for East River, and comply with requisite precautions prior to working at East River. Also of relevance is the RMBL Health and Safety Manual. Please contact Ken Williams with any questions.

Field Vehicle/Equipment Safety

OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) safety video:
Snowmobile safety information:
Power Auger “Little Beaver” operator manual:

Avalanche Safety

Crested Butte Avalanche Center:
Crested Buttle Avalanche Safety Course (AIAE approved Level 1):

Nearby medical facilities:

Year-round Crested Butte Town Clinic:
After hours information:

Gunnison Valley Health Clinic – Seasonal (open during ski season and winter field work):


Crested Buttle Forecast: