Berkeley Lab

Getting Here

The Berkeley City Club is located at 2315 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA. Here are a few options to get there:

From Downtown Berkeley BART
  • Uber/Lyft or Taxi (readily available outside BART)
  • AC Transit 51B Bus (~7 minutes)
  • Walk (if you don’t have luggage! ~11 minutes)
From LBL

PLEASE NOTE: The Orange  shuttle stops running at about 7:00 PM, so if you use this option, plan to not return to LBL in the evening (particularly on Wednesday Nov 9th, as our agenda extends to 8:00 PM. The LBL Orange Route (downhill) stops at Telegraph & Bancroft, about a quarter mile from Berkeley City Club (convenient if you’re coming from LBL buildings 74/84).


Those lodging at the Berkeley City Club can park in their lot for $20/night (limited availability).

Others should seek to park in a nearby parking lot (most also priced at $20/day max). LBL attendees: parking costs are reimbursable as local travel.

This link shows 4 nearby parking structures and their position relative to Berkeley City Club (not tested on mobile). Some specific links: